Govt Launches Database Detailing All Ruto Treaties With Foreign Powers

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a website that will bear details of all the treaties and agreements the government has entered into with foreign nations

The website dubbed The Treaty Database, will simplify procedures and enable Kenyans to access information on the national government’s commitments to the international community.

“With this database, Kenya reinforces its dedication to fulfilling international obligations with utmost integrity,” Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir SingOei remarked in a statement.

During the launch, the Foreign Ministry stated that the Ruto administration had endorsed 252 treaties. It was also revealed that Kenya is a member of 84 international organisations.

Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs Korir Sing’Oei during the launch of the Treaty Database on November 27, 2023


Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Kenya

PS SingOei revealed that various parties will be able to access all the information about the treaties the government has entered. 

These include;  all diplomats, legal experts, stakeholders, diaspora, private sector players, and the public.

During the launch, the government stated that the launch of the new website aligns with the government’s digitalization efforts.

”The Database is a digital interface that facilitates the implementation of one of the strategic pillars of BETA i.e. Digital Superhighway & Creative Economy,” the Ministry stated.

The database, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will go a long way in fostering digital diplomacy.

The government is well on course to digitize all government services with 5,000 already on the eCitizen platform.

Digitization, according to the government, will improve accessibility and efficiency while boosting government revenues.

“Our decision to significantly enhance efficiency and integrity in the provision of public services to citizens by digitizing over 13,000 government services has gone a long way to enhance revenue performance.

A photo of the eCitizen platform relaunch at KICC on June 30, 2023.


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