Magistrate Accuses MP Salasya of Issuing Her With Death Threats After Court Ruling

A resident magistrate at Kakamega Law Courts has accused Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya of issuing her death threats following a ruling she delivered on Monday.

According to a police report, Magistrate Gladys Kiama claimed that Salasya accosted her after she ordered him to pay Ksh500,000 arrears to a businessman.

Kiama further alleged that Salasya confronted her outside the courtroom, threatened to kill her and then took off.

Salasya, a first-time MP, was also accused of calling and sending threatening messages through WhatsApp and SMS. 

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Following the claims, the magistrate rushed to Kakamega Police Station to file a report, fearing for her life.

Detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have since launched investigations into the report to ascertain the validity of the matter. 

“Having delivered a judgment in a small claim matter vide case against Hon. Peter Salasya, MP for Mumias East Constituency, where he had been sued for failing to refund the money loaned to him by the claimant, he confronted her outside the courtroom and threatened to kill her and then took off,” read part of the police report.

“He has since been calling her number and texting threatening messages to her via WhatsApp. Investigations have been commenced. Kakamega Central DCI  investigating,” the report added. 

The businessman had sued Salasya for failing to pay a Ksh500,000 loan despite promising to offset it within two months.

Through his lawyer, the businessman claimed that Salasya had refused to pay the loan a year later, sparking tension between the duo. 

In his defence, the legislator denied borrowing the funds and claimed to have loaned the businessman Ksh1 million instead. 

After reviewing the evidence, Magistrate Kiama dismissed Salasya’s claims, citing a lack of evidence and ordered him to refund the businessman. 

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