Raila Welcomes NDC Report But States it Falls Short

The Azimio Parliamentary Group (PG) on Wednesday endorsed the recommendations submitted by the National Dialogue Committee (NDC).

However, despite describing the report as a good start, Azimio Chief Raila Odinga termed the report as incomplete since it did not address the most pertinent issues such as the cost of living.

According to Odinga, Kenya Kwanza and Azimio agreed on several things but failed to reach a consensus on the cost of living which President William Ruto has described as an emotive issue.

Speaking after the PG meeting, Raila criticised the government’s stand claiming that it will continue to effect Housing Levy deductions. Lands Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome has claimed that the government will proceed to make the deductions despite the court order.

According to Raila, the court had already pronounced itself on the matter and any attempt to stray against the court’s directions is unconstitutional.

The former Prime Minister called on the employers to stop the deductions with immediate effect.

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