Murkomen Blames MPs for Bad State of Most Kenyan Roads

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has taken a fresh swipe at Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei as the war of words between the two United Democratic Alliance (UDA) politicians continue to escalate.

Murkomen while fielding questions on service delivery in his ministry particularly on construction of roads across the country, blamed politicians for misappropriating funds earmarked to maintain roads.

The CS, while pointing out that each constituency receives Ksh62 million for this purpose every year, regretted that if the money was used prudently, the state of Kenyan roads would be very different.

“In Nandi for example where a few senators were complaining, the county gets Ksh360 million every year for road maintenance,” he explained.

A photo of a poor road network in the country



“People like to hide this money under the carpet and pretend nothing has been done for roads,” he stated.

He further pointed out that on top of National Treasury disbursements, county governments also allocate funds for road maintenance and development which he claimed are embezzled by politicians.

Senator Cherargei has been Murkomen’s case arguing that the CS is not fit to lead the Transport docket. The lawmaker has also questioned the CS’s luxurious lifestyle ever since the latter was appointed to the lucrative docket. 

On November 22, Senator Cherargei was kicked out of the Senate moments before the cabinet secretary was scheduled to appear before lawmakers for grilling on various issues within his ministry.

Cherargei had threatened to call out Murkomen during the proceedings which prompted Senator Abdul, who was chairing the session to kick him out of the chambers.

On his part, Murkomen has piled on Cherargei accusing him of being dismissive and discriminatory.

The tiff between the two escalated after Senator Cherargei questioned the tendering process of major roads within Nandi. The lawmaker insisted that tenders to construct roads within the devolved unit should be handed to a local contractor.

The comment attracted a scathing response from Murkomen who stressed that the national government has a responsibility to ensure that it awards tenders competitively.

“What about our people whom we have given big contracts owing billions and are in Central and Mombasa? Do you want them to be chased to come home? As your teacher, I have brains and a plan,” the CS responded.

“Any contractor who comes to Mosoriot from any community, be it a Kisii or any other, let’s welcome them all to build us roads. My work as the CS is to ensure that all roads are constructed properly,” Murkomen responded.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei attending a committee sitting on Wednesday, August 17, 2023.


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