1 Kenyan Dead, One Other Critically Injured in Philippines Bus Crash

A Kenyan citizen was among the 17 people who passed away in a bus crash in the Philippines on Tuesday, 5 December 2023. 

Reports indicated that the crash occurred in the Antique Province, Hamtic Municipality of the Philippines. 

Out of the 28 passengers on the bus, seventeen were confirmed dead after the bus veered off the road and plunged into a mountain. 

The Governor of Antique, Rhodora Cadiao, noted that the heavily forested ravine where the bus plunged was around 30 meters (100 feet) deep.

Philippines’ Governor Rhodora Cadiao addresses an event during nurses’ week on November 6, 2023.


Cadiao Cares

The Kenyan was in the company of another compatriot who was critically injured and is receiving treatment. 

Local police clarified that there were two Kenyans on board and not four, as the area governor, Rhodora Cadiao, had earlier indicated. They also clarified that one body was yet to be identified.  

“Based on the witnesses, it was a mechanical failure. The driver lost control, possibly brake failure,” the Provincial Disaster Agency head, Roderick Train, noted.

According to Governor Rhodora Cadiao, the road, which is considered deadly, is referred to as the “ Killer Curve.”

“I call that place ‘killer curve’… it was already the second Ceres bus that fell off there,” Cadiao said, referring to the bus company.

He also suggested enacting laws and fast-tracking infrastructural projects to curb future road accidents. 

“With the many number of deaths, that road must be abandoned… and make another road to make that area safe,” Cadiao added.

Warning sign indicating that an accident has occurred


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