Residents Left in the Dark as Kenya Power Brings Down Transformers in Mukuru kwa Reuben

Residents of Mukuru kwa Reuben were on Tuesday left in the dark after Kenya Power officials brought down illegally installed transformers in the area.

The officers were in a viral video depicted bringing down the equipment as curious residents observed from the sidelines, concerned about the fate that awaits them. 

Kenya Power officers were flanked by regular police officers who stood guard and manned the area to ensure that the process went on without any hitch.

Reacting to the development, Kenyans who live in the area revealed that more than 120,000 homes are set to be plunged into darkness as they rely on the transformers to power their homes.


Kenya Power staff attending to a transformer during a past maintenance exercise in Nairobi County.


Kenya Power

Speaking to Kenya Power Nairobi regional manager, Hicks Waswa clarified that besides being illegally connected, the transformers were brought down as they posed a threat to residents.

“They are not tethered and they are connected very dangerously,” Waswa revealed in a phone interview.

“What do you do with a connection that’s on a wire that cannot be used to transmit power,” Waswa posed.

The Kenya Power official appealed to consumers to revert back to their legal connections to ensure they are connected to electricity in a safe manner.

“Those people were given legal power just that they got out of it, not that they did not have power, there is a power network there to supply power, just that that network was abandoned, ” Waswa further narrated.

Waswa regretted that there were unscrupulous traders taking advantage of the situation and profiting from desperate residents and at the same time putting them in harm’s way

Nonetheless, residents from the area criticised how the transformers were brought down lamenting that their operations will now be affected as a result of the unexpected development.

However, the Kenya Power official challenged this argument, holding that residents should avoid shortcuts and apply to get a safe connection to electricity from the utility firm.

Kenya Power technicians installing a transformer in Kisumu County on April 5, 2022.


Kenya Power

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