Christmas: What You Should Weigh Before Gifting Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Christmas can be quite challenging for many people, especially considering the current economic difficulties. 

Balancing the demands of purchasing gifts, getting kids ready for school, and navigating through the financial challenges synonymous with Njaa-nuary can feel like a hectic rollercoaster. 

However, we all put smiles on our faces and enjoy the season of giving, spending time with family and going on holiday with loved ones. 

Gifts are part and parcel of Christmas, but before spending, get to know the choice and preference of that whom you are gifting. Some items spark controversy and can send a different signal. 

Christmas decorations inside a supermarket


TRM Mall


Before impulsively ordering a whiskey bottle for someone you think you know well, pause for a moment. 

While the idea of sending a bottle of liquor may seem fitting, take a step back and consider their personal growth and life. Inquire whether they are still indulging or not. 

At this point, calling them prior doesn’t quite fix things as you are supposed to surprise them with your gifts. You may have to return that bottle to the shelf. Note; this won’t be the wisest thing you’ve thought of this year.

Overly personal Items

Take it easy while planning to gift that special someone you met recently, but the chemistry was crazy from the kickoff. 

 A simple I-Care-About-You gift would be a wonderful way to express your feelings without overwhelming that person. Consider a subtle gift that reflects your connection and lets them know you appreciate having them in your life. 

Avoid that intimate apparel. Yes, no lingerie, no boxers. Stay away, as far away as possible, from grooming or hygiene products that may pass a different message. Trust that you don’t want to have your simple gesture of concern misinterpreted.

Overly-Priced Items

ODM leader Raila Odinga hosts orphans at a Christmas party in Kisumu on Friday, December 24, 2021.


Raila Odinga

Many of us often misunderstand the true essence of giving. The common sentiments tend to ‘go big or go home’, where we feel the need to make a grand gesture. 

The spirit of Santa dictates that the real value of a gift lies in the thought and motive behind it rather than the size or extravagance. Most overly-priced items lack the actual touch that loved ones expect.

We dream of the simple gifts that make us feel nostalgic, perhaps even those that show that you understand us better.

Politically Charged Items

Who wants to be on that wagon in moments when everyone is gradually retreating from the political scene heading back to ‘shagz’? 

With politics being one of the most controversial topics ever, tread carefully on that merchandise promoting a certain party or politician. 

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