National Council of Churches Opposes Ruto Move to Bring Back CAS Positions

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) has criticised the plot to enshrine the positions of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS) in law. 

Led by the NCCK General Secretary, Rev. Chris Kinyanjui, the council stated that the move was ill-timed as it would overburden Kenyans who are already feeling the heat of hiked taxes. 

Referencing the hard economic times, Kinyanjui stated that such a plan would only benefit a few people earning salaries and allowances from the position. 

“The treasury is saying the country is broke. We should not be seeing the creation of additional Positions for a few,” he remarked.

President William Ruto at a meeting with Bishops on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.


His remarks were issued a day after the National Government Administration Laws Amendment Bill was subjected to its first reading in Parliament. 

The Bill, among other things, seeks to establish the CAS position and further define the roles of office bearers, in an effort to seal a loophole the High Court used to declare them unconstitutional. 

Kinyanjui further urged the Parliament to refrain from passing the bill sponsored by majority leader Kimani Ichung’wah, which would be presented to President Ruto for approval. 

“I urge Parliament and all the state officers involved in that initiative to shelve it,” the deacon pleaded. 

He further hoped that the country’s economy would turn around and enable Kenyans to bear the weight of hiked taxes and a huge wage bill. 

In the meantime, he encouraged Ruto to cut down taxes instead, curb wasteful government expenditure and the influx of corruption cases 

Among other changes, Ichung’wah seeks to make via the National Government Administration Laws Amendment Bill is the creation of a new sub-committee under the National Security Council (NSC).

The nine-member committee will recommend policies and programs for national security to the council. 

A photo of Kenya National Assembly.


Parliament of Kenya

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