Ruto Mocks Court Ruling Requiring Kenyans to Get Appointment Letters from Bosses Abroad

President William Ruto on Saturday slammed a court requiring Kenyans working for foreign organisations to get appointment letters.

Speaking during the YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2023 in Nairobi, the Head of State, without mentioning the court that issued the ruling, opined that Kenyans were more interested in getting salaries rather than appointment letters.

He expressed that the ruling was ridiculous and was based on the current laws which did not appreciate the changes technology had brought to the workspace.

“We have a very interesting case in Court where the court has ruled that if you are working in Nairobi for a company in the US, you must get an appointment from the company in the US.

The Milimani Law Courts building which hosts the High Court


Office of the Registrar High Court

“Do you know how ridiculous that is? Are you interested in a letter of appointment or are you interested in working and earning a salary?” he posed.

Consequently, Ruto announced that the government would move to propose changes to the law which he stated would recognise remote jobs and working from home.

The Head of State explained that remote and online jobs would give the youth many opportunities given that the world was heading to that space.

“We have a new model of jobs that our laws did not see. Shortly we will be changing the law in Kenya so that we can appreciate that there are remote jobs.

“What matters is that you are working. It does not matter whether you are wearing a suit, or your hair is combed. What matters is what you are doing,” he explained.

In the same breath, he also announced that his administration was partnering with Google to equip IT skills for the youth in schools through a coding syllabus.

He noted that those in the program would guarantee jobs to the students upon completion of the course,

According to his estimates, those who will undergo the programme will earn close to Ksh420,000 monthly.

Google offices in the US where major operations are run.


Napa Valley

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