Wedding Aborted as Bride Cancels Wedding Last Minute Over Family Misunderstanding

A Bomet bride groom was left distraught after his bride canceled the wedding at the very last minute requesting more time to make a decision.

The wedding was initially slated to take place at Kapsoiyo Africa Gospel Church (AGC) in Bomet on Saturday with  Pastor Clement Chalulot expected to preside over the event.

However, the wedding planning committee received official communication from the bride through the pastor who informed the committee that the bride would be a no-show.

The groom’s family was caught flat-footed over the matter and were left enraged since they had already paid the dowry and handed over three cows and other valuables to the would-be in-laws in line with marriage traditions.

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“We only learned of the development at the last minute. The bride refused to hand over essential documents such as her ID. She also displayed a reluctance to continue with the wedding as initially planned even though the groom assured us that all was well,” the pastor told journalists.

“This is unfortunate, but to some extent, we are lucky because we have only spent Ksh50,000 from our total wedding budget.”

Speaking to the journalists, the pastor revealed that a team sent to reconcile the two had not succeeded in the mission.

According to reports, the bride maintained her ground, insisting to be given more time to arrive at a decision. She reportedly refused to be engaged in lengthy discussions.

She did not reveal the actual reason she reneged on the plan to get married.

Following the turn of events, villagers and relatives who had come from different parts of the country to attend the event were left stranded with little or no communication regarding what was going on being directed their way.

They were, however, given free perishables food that the family had purchased in anticipation of the big day.

Meanwhile, plans to return the dowry are underway.

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