TUK Students Raise Land Grabbing Fears Over Ministry’s Failure to Hand Over Land

Students from the Technical University of Kenya (TUK) have raised an alarm about an alleged land-grabbing case on a piece of land given to them by President William Ruto in December 2022.

Speaking to the press, the students complained that despite Ruto directing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to surrender the land, nothing has been done one year later.

Led by the student president Dennis Kirera, the students explained that the land would have helped the institution put up an extra facility to accommodate over 10,000 students seeking higher education.

TUK Chairperson Denis Kirera during a press briefing on January 1, 2023


Winnie Wanjiku

They further alleged that unknown people were planning to grab the piece of land to put up private buildings.

“It has come to our attention that a particular entity that is trying to take that piece of land for different projects to generate revenue for themselves at the expense of students,” Kirera remarked.

Additionally, they complained that if the project is completed, thousands of students will be disadvantaged. Students condemned the actions of the alleged land grabbers.

They called upon the President to intervene and ensure the land was rightfully surrendered to the institution.

“With immediate effect, we would like the release of the particular piece of land so that the meant development can continue as soon as possible,” he added.

The university students also asked the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the National Lands Commission to conduct investigations on the fraudulent activity and why there has been a delay in surrendering the land.

Kirera also asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explain why there has been a delay despite an order from the President. They also demanded an apology for the damages caused.

Conclusively, the students called for prompt response to their demands before matters escalated.

Ruto in 2022, while speaking at the institution, noted that there was limited space for the students before ordering the transfer of land.

“I will instruct the ministry to relocate space so that the land can be surrendered to the university for the expansion,” Ruto stated.

The Technical University of Kenya


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