Police Rescue Ambassadors Trapped Inside Nairobi Hotel After Residents’ Complaints

The government was on Saturday night forced to deploy anti-terror police to rescue several international ambassadors trapped inside a Nairobi hotel.

According to a press statement issued by a person believed to be the establishment’s owner, the ambassadors ended up being trapped inside the hotel after residents barricaded the facility’s entrance protesting against what they described as consistent noise pollution emanating from the hotel.

The statement indicated that the problems began on Saturday evening when one of the residents, backed by his colleagues,  took matters into his own hands and blocked the entrance which led to a confrontation with the hotel’s management.

“My son told me that it was all noise throughout the night. My neighbour also complained that the child was sick and had been crying all night and was affected by the noise,” one tenant complained during the confrontation.

An aerial photo of Westlands, Nairobi County captured by a drone on April 20, 2023.


Moja Expressway

Alive to the nature of the sensitive nature of the ambassadors’ work, the government dispatched elite police squads drawn from the anti-terror police unit to guarantee the safety of the envoys.

“This blockade not only endangered the lives of our esteemed guests but also posed a severe security threat, given the high profile nature of the attendees, read part of the statement from the hotel.

The envoys were attending a function hosted at the facility.

The police also removed the number plates on some of the vehicles belonging to the dignitaries.

Additionally, the management complained that the dignitaries were in a state of shock for hours. The management apologised to the affected dignitaries and the residents promising to adhere to the noise control guidelines.

“Our full cooperation with law enforcement continues as we strive to bolster our security measures, ensuring the safety and well-being of all who step through our doors,” the management added.

In a bid to control noisy hotels and clubs in the city, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja announced plans to designate specific areas for such establishments.

Sakaja in 2022 closed down clubs in Nairobi estates and barred establishments from playing loud music past 10 pm. He ordered that bars and restaurants in residential areas must operate at a specified time.

“Henceforth, nightclubs licenses will be issued to premises within the Central Business District and specified streets in other non-residential areas,” he declared.

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja meets the Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Friendship group in the French National Assembly (Assemblee Nationale) in Paris, France on October 17, 2023.


Johnson Sakaja

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