Kenya Introduces Ksh4,600 Fee For Electronic Travel Authorisation

President William Ruto on Tuesday announced the abolishment of Visas for all global citizens willing to visit Kenya. 

Speaking during Jamhuri Day celebrations, the President stated that Kenya is the home of humanity and no one should need to acquire a visa to travel home. 

In place, the President noted that the Government of Kenya would be issuing all visitors with Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). 

Before the President’s announcement, visitors travelling to Kenya were paying Ksh7,600 for a single entry visa with the amount projected to be adjusted to Ksh15,000 in January 2024. 

President William Ruto speaking during Jamhuri Day celebrations on December 12, 2023.


Following the new changes made by the President, travellers will now be supposed to pay Ksh4,600  (USD 30). 

While the ETA is significantly cheaper than the visa, Kenya is expected to earn more money in the new arrangement.

Currently, citizens of over 43 countries do not require a visa to visit Kenya but now will have to pay Ksh4,600 for the ETA. 

“To implement this new policy, we have developed a digital platform to ensure that all travellers to Kenya are identified in advance on an electronic platform,” the President announced while scrapping visa requirements. 

The Kenya Government has further introduced a new fine where people overstaying their duration allocated will pay a Ksh15,000 (USD 100) fee. 

President Ruto had earlier indicated that the scrapping of visas would be extended to African countries but later changed the stance to encompass global citizens. 

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