Traffic Police Boss Issue Guidelines Ahead of Christmas Travels

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Mary Omari has maintained that the speed limit for all vehicles using the highways is 100 kilometres per hour even as Kenyans intensify their travels for the festivities. 

Speaking during an interview on Spice FM on Tuesday, the Traffic Commandant added that only the Thika Super Highway had the speed limit set at 110 km/hr.

She added that motorists are expected to reduce their speed to 50 km/hr when approaching developed areas such as shopping centres or markets.

Further, the Commandant noted that motorists are required to maintain a speed of 30 km/hr when approaching schools or learning institutions.

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Mary Omari appearing before the police commission for an interview on March 4, 2015.



“The speed limit in Kenya is 100 km/hr on a highway and only 110 km/hr on Thika Super Highway. If you are approaching a built-up area, reduce to 50 km/hr and if you are approaching a school, the limit is 30 km/hr,” she stated.

She noted that most of the speed guidelines had been installed along the highways, calling on motorists to comply with the set limit to reduce road accidents.

According to data presented by Omari, 4,026 Kenyans lost their lives in road accidents from January 1, 2023, to December 12, 2023.

Those who have been seriously injured during that period were 9,795.

On the other hand, Peter Odhiambo, the Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of Road Safety, issued five advisories for both private and Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) to be used during the festivities. 

For vehicles, Odhiambo advised that drivers should leave early in the morning, avoiding late travel.

Motorists were also advised to observe speed limits, take time and rest before starting a journey and only take routes one is familiar with.

For long-distance vehicles, it was advised that there be two drivers.

Equally, those planning on using the motorcycles were encouraged to always wear a helmet and bright clothes for visibility.

Photo of an accident scene at Ngata Area in Eldoret-Nakuru Highway on November 6, 2023.


Julius Chepkwony

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