Bodies of Two Missing Boys, 4 and 6, Retrieved From Pit Latrine After Six Days

A couple in Chemundu Village, Nandi County has been placed in police custody after being suspected of killing and dumping the bodies of their children in a pit latrine.

The bodies of the 4 and 6-year-olds were retrieved on Wednesday after the owner of the plot saw the two bodies lying deep inside the latrine.

According to a police report, officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have launched a probe into the death of the two children where the parents have been identified as the main suspects.

“The whole issue is under investigation by DCIO, and we will only ascertain the person who did this after the results of the investigations,” noted an officer at the crime scene.

Police officer disembarking from a vehicle.



The two boys had six days ago been reported missing prompting police officers to launch a search into their whereabouts.

According to the witnesses, the couple being probed have been experiencing marital disputes with witnesses further accusing the husband of occasionally initiating fights with his wife.

“So we looked for the children but we were not successful, so we decided to ask the lady where the kids were, and she told us the husband wanted to beat her so she ran away and left the children behind and she never returned,” noted one of the witnesses.

“This woman has been getting frustrated here in the neighborhood, so whenever they relocate to a new place, the husband beats her forcing the house owner to chase them away, they move to another place and get ejected again because of their drama.”

The witnesses noted the man often beats the children severely  to the extent of inflicting serious injuries on them.

According to the residents, the children’s mother had in the past reported the husband at Chemundu Police Station over his brutal nature.

The incident comes less than a week after the bodies of two girls were recovered from a dam in Mukurweini, in Nyeri County.

According to the residents, the tragic incident happened when one of the girls accidentally fell into the dam, forcing the other to jump inside the water in a bid to save her friend, unfortunately, both drowned.

The pit latrine at Kiandu High School in Nyeri County, whose wall collapsed as it was being dug on June 5, 2019.



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