Kiambu County Commissioner Bans Parties in Cars, Farms & Streets

Kiambu County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha has banned unlicensed ‘Park n Vibe’ parties from being conducted along tea plantations.

Speaking during the Jamhuri Day celebrations on Tuesday at Kirigiti International Stadium, Nkanatha highlighted tea plantations along Kiambaa, Limuru and Githunguri as some major areas where the parties are being held.

Nkanatha termed the parties as illegal, adding that revellers were consuming unlicensed beer and engaging in immoral activities.

“In the last two weeks, we have arrested about 30 young people who are engaging in these parties in unauthorized places, coming and making noise, ” the commissioner noted.

Tea Plantation along Limuru Road.

Photo Wikimedia Commons

“I want to warn them that these street parties are illegal,” he stated. 

The CC further noted that the parties were resulting in noise pollution, as several residents of the sparsely populated areas complained of disturbance.

He further instructed party planners to acquire permits from relevant authorities before conducting the parties.

Nkanatha added that stakeholders involved in regulating the distribution and consumption of alcohol had set aside guidelines to ensure revellers were within the law. 

He also advised people to drink responsibly during the festive season, especially those travelling to various places.

“Being the festive season some people overindulge in alcoholism while others will leave their homes to go visit their loved ones upcountry and I urge them to stay alert” he stated.

‘Park n Vibe’ parties, marketed mainly through the TikTok social media platform, have been on the rise for the past few months, as car owners drive and park their vehicles at various regions along farms.   

The parties have since evolved to planned events, with booked DJs for music and alcohol distributors for beer supply. 

Massive traffic on Nairobi Nakuru Highway on June 26, 2021.




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