Moses Githinji: Former Engineer Helping Kenyans Join the Navy in US

Moses Githinji Ngotho from Kirinyaga County never thought he would one day be in charge of recruitment in the US Navy owing to his experience in Kenya.

In an interview on Wednesday, Githinji narrated his journey of migrating from Kenya to the US in 2011 and working at a restaurant where he performed various chores like cleaning dishes before he eventually secured a green card to travel to the US alongside his family.

While in Kenya, the man lived in Juja and worked at a local company as an engineer. Despite his plan to venture into the same career in the US, Githinji was informed that he did not meet the qualifications.

“You know how things get when you are abroad, I started washing dishes before I got another job,” he stated.

A photo of US Navy recruiter Moses Githinji during an interview on December 13, 2023


Jeremy Damaris

In his second job packing products at a local warehouse, he met a Ghanaian who floated the idea of joining the Navy to him. Githinji was intrigued by the proposal despite not having any prior desire to join the military.

He was however looking for sustainable means to provide for his family since his wife was pursuing a nursing course. Githinji therefore looked for a recruiter to take him through the processes.

“I made sure I had all the necessary documents to secure my slot in the Navy. My recruiter was impressed by my commitment,” he narrated.

He undertook the mandatory training and tests and joined the Navy in 2013. Githinji explained that the recruitment was slightly different than the one in Kenya. One of the things that Githinji quickly noticed is that the American army is not as stringent as the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) on dental requirements.

According to Githinji, one of his family’s greatest fears, when he joined the Navy, was him being deployed to war and ending up losing his life. However, Githinji assured them that he would have a successful career without being harmed.

He served in the Navy up to 2018 before switching to recruiting. In the role, he helps interested persons enlist to get into the service. 

Over the years Githinji has helped recruit young men into the navy.

Githinji advised that all that is required to become a success in the navy is patience and discipline. He added that persons aged 17 or more  can join and reap the benefits.

“To join the military, I advise that it best to work with a recruiter who understands you,” Githinji who operates in Oregon stated.

While in the army, the former engineer has grown his academic credentials by taking up a course in Cyber Security and is set to graduate in 2024, all expenses have been footed by the navy.

He encouraged Kenyans to apply to join the military stating that he is willing to to take them through the procedures in his capacity as a recruiter. 

Githinji highlighted that his recruiter job comes with numerous benefits which are extended to his family.

He is among the hundreds of Kenyans serving in foreign militaries ranging from the US to the UK.

A photo of soldiers from the KDF and British Army during training in July 2023



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