Manu Chandaria and John Mutie Win Global Peace Awards in Philippines.

Kenyan Priest, Father John Mutie was feted with the Interfaith and Spiritual Leadership Award in the Global Peace Awards Convention, recently concluded on 14th December 2023, held in Manilla Philippines. 

He received the award alongside Dr Manu Chandaria, who is well-known for his business ventures in Kenya. Dr Chandaria, who is the C.E.O of the Comcraft Group, runs a diverse business portfolio among them being Chandaria Industries. 

According to the Global Peace Foundation, Father Mutie was awarded the award for promoting peace, interfaith cooperation, and unity in Kenya. 

Father Mutie, of the Coptic Orthodox Church, is also the  National Chairman of the Interreligious Council of Kenya (IRCK) and General Secretary of the Organization of African Instituted Churches – Kenya Chapter.

Father Mutie Alongside Other Awardees at the Global Peace Awards Manilla Phillippines


Global Peace Foundation

As the National Chairman of IRCK, Rev. Fr. Mutie  represents Kenya in the world on matters of faith, interfaith relations and religious tolerance

Father Mutie was further honoured for his contribution to initiatives addressing critical issues, including election violence, child marriage, healthcare, and environmental conservation. 

On his part, Dr Manu Chandaria was honoured with the Legacy of Service and Peace Award, for his life legacy, and charitable works.

The convention noted that Dr Chandaria has emulated the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, by dedicating his life to simplicity and service to humanity. 

Dr. Chandaria has also gained widespread respect by establishing the Chandaria Foundation, enabling him to fund significant projects such as hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, and environmental initiatives. 

Father Joseph Mutie’s national efforts span various dimensions as he was an appointed member of the IEBC selection panel, a member of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) taskforce as well as a member of the National Parenting Manual Council.

The Global Peace Awards recognizes individuals and organizations that have significantly advanced the vision and mission of building a world of peace and shared prosperity. 

The award also honoured other prominent awardees from different countries for their exemplary efforts in various categories, including Legacy of Service and Peace, Interfaith and Spiritual Leadership, Freedom of Religion and Conscience, Strengthening Families, Outstanding Service, Innovative Scholarship, Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship, and Culture of Peace. 

Photo of Dr Manu Chandaria After the Nomination for the Global Peace Awards


Global Peace Foundation



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