Here Are the Well-Paying Side Hustles to Consider in 2024

With the country currently in an economic crisis, many Kenyans are looking for side hustles to supplement their earnings. 

One of the ways Kenyans are earning in their free time is through content creation. 

This involves creating engaging content which is shared on various social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, X and others. 

While the amount earned on YouTube varies depending on a variety of factors, on average the platform pays Ksh100 for every 1,000 views. 

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Those seeking to monetise from X will need at least 5 million monthly impressions on their posts to earn a significant sum. 

Freelancing is also another side hustle. Kenyans are now increasingly turning their hobbies into profitable activities

The key to successful freelancing is marketing your skills to potential clients. 

For instance, running errands is also becoming a lucrative business for many Kenyans. This includes being paid to shop, pick or deliver items. 

If seeking extra cash, it is also possible to engage in tutoring which can be done physically or remotely. 

Tutoring does not necessarily mean engaging in academic stuff, for example, if you are a marketing guru, you can offer classes at a fee. 

Similarly, if you are a good artist, you can make a tidy sum teaching Kenyans how to perfect their craft.

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