How to Know Your Fridge is Consuming a Lot of Power

With the rising cost of electricity, many Kenyans are contemplating turning to appliances that consume less power. 

While a fridge is a necessity in most households, if unchecked, it can become a liability due to excessive consumption. 

One of the ways to achieve this is by checking the fridge’s wattage which is typically printed in front or at the back of the appliance. 

For a middle-sized household, a fridge should have a rating of up to 120W to ensure that the family does not spend more than necessary.

A photo collage of a fridge in a living room (left) and the white interior of an open fridge (right).


Addis Mercato

You can also check how many tokens your fridge consumes by using a wattmeter. 

When buying a fridge, users are advised to always go for newer models as they are more energy-efficient.

Experts advise that a 15-year-old model will likely use twice as much electricity as a 2023 edition. 

As a standard measure of quality, modern fridges come with energy efficiency rating stickers. 

The Energy Star is a program that rates appliances based on their energy efficiency. 

The Energy Star rating employs a 5-star rating formula to measure efficiency. The more stars your fridge has, the less energy it will consume. 

It is imperative to note that the 5-star rating is not mandatory for fridge manufacturers. So be on the lookout.

A photo collage of a fridge placed near a door (left) and a fridge near an oven.


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