Senator Okiya Omtatah Blocked From Filing Case Against Ruto

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah was on Tuesday morning turned away by officers at the Nyanchwa Police Station in Kisii County after he sought to file death threats claims against President William Ruto. 

Omtatah claimed that the Head of State targeted him and other activists who constantly oppose government policies in courts.

“As he (Ruto) was speaking, he started censuring those who challenged the Finance Act ruling, particularly on the Housing Levy. He said that he will deal with them with the sword he was given in Kasarani,” Omtatah lamented. 

“He said that the sword is not for cutting vegetables, but it is for dealing with those crooks opposing his government. I am not a crook, and I have never done anything that can label me as a crook,” he added after cops also chased him away from Mosocho Police Station in Kitutu Chache South.

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah speaking during the launch of the County Aggregation and Industrial Park(CAIP) in Busia County on August 11, 2023.


Okiya Omtatah

Omtatah while taking a swipe at President Ruto, urged him to stop issuing threats, noting that the sword given to him at Kasarani was a ceremonial instrumental of power.

“So that sword he thinks he is proud of cannot penetrate the demand for justice and the right to justice that Kenyans have and the custodian of justice in this country is the Judiciary,” Omtatah noted.

“He talks as if he is unstoppable. My advice to him is that he is only unstoppable if he is operating within the law. The moment he steps out of the law, he is stopped by the Constitution. And he is not an emperor. He is a servant of the people. He is not a king but is an elected servant.”

The legislator vowed to continue critiquing the government despite the threats. He further accused the government of what he termed as budgetary corruption, noting that a section of senior government officials were embezzling public funds.

“So he should not begin fooling himself that he is a King and that he wants to rule this country like a private kiosk. 

“You have seen his declarations. Wherever he goes, he is declaring projects. What happened to the budget that Parliament passed? And the fight we are having now is a fight for Chapter 12 to ensure that public finances are protected. We are going to do everything possible to remove money from his control.”

Omtatah’s sentiments come against the backdrop of President Ruto vowing to use the sword given to him by his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, to deal with those sabotaging his projects.

“You know very well I was given the sword, so do you think that sword is for chopping vegetables? It is for dealing with these rogue people. I will slash them all,” Ruto stated while speaking at a Thanksgiving service in Kisii on Sunday. 

President William Ruto at Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School on December 16, 2023.


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