Watch as Electric Matatu Driver Locks Suspected Thieves Inside Bus After Botched Raid [VIDEO]

An electric bus driver rescued his passengers from two suspected thieves after he lured and locked them inside the vehicle. 

In the incident that was captured by a CCTV camera installed inside the bus, the suspected thieves were filmed attempting to board the vehicle at a terminus. 

However, the driver of the PSV, which reportedly belongs to the Embassava Sacco, was suspicious of the two gentlemen who were wearing caps to disguise their identities. 

He thus began pointing at the duo, who became hesitant to board the vehicle

In the video shared online on Tuesday, an argument ensued between the driver and the suspected thieves, even as other passengers and the conductor intervened to resolve it. 

Upon realising that the driver had singled them out, the duo, who was still standing at the vehicle’s doorstep, alighted in an effort to scamper for their safety. 

However, the driver got off his seat and managed to pull one of them back into the vehicle. In a move to save his colleague, the other suspected thief rushed back inside and caused a commotion. 

Amid the melee, the driver instructed the conductor to lock the doors to prevent the duo from escaping, even as some passengers began to retaliate.

They descended on the duo with slaps as others held them by the collar, pulling them back and forth. 

“What are you doing? You have beaten him so badly. Do you want to kill us,” one of the suspected thieves pleaded as he attempted to push the doors open.

However, some of the passengers managed to pull him back to the aisle where his other colleague was.

After the video was shared online, Kenyans shared their thoughts on the incident, with some Kenyans praising the driver for protecting the passengers.

Others urged Saccos to enhance security features in the buses.

An electric bus owned by Embassava Sacco in Nairobi on May 19, 2023.


Embassava Sacco

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