Lorry Veers Off Road Killing 4 on the Spot in Bulemia, Budalang’i

4 people died on the spot on Tuesday morning after a lorry ferrying sand veered off the road at Bulemia Area in Budalangi, Busia County. 

Police reports indicate that the driver was traveling at a high speed when he lost control of the vehicle, resulting in the tragic collision with pedestrians. 

The fatal incident occurred on the Mundere-Port Victoria Road, and the 4 victims are reported to have succumbed to their injuries on the spot

Over the course of 2023, the grim reality of road fatalities continued to rear its ugly head, with thousands of Kenyans losing their lives while on transit. 

A Collage of the bus involved in accident at Taru, Mombasa Road on 24th December


National Police Service

In a separate accident witnessed in Kitui, a 13-year-old girl lost her life on Monday night when she was hit by a speeding vehicle in Kisasi, Kitui county. 

The driver later fled from the scene of the accident, leaving the teenager who reportedly died on the spot.

On Saturday, 4 women were killed after a bus lost control and rammed into them while they were selling milk by the roadside along the Lodwar- Kitale highway.

In 2023, Kenya has experienced a surge in road accidents resulting in the loss of over 4,000 lives throughout the year

 Despite the increase in accidents during this period, the death toll was relatively lower than the corresponding period in 2022, which had recorded 4,352 fatalities by December 7, 2022.

Data from the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) shed light on a disturbing pattern, highlighting that pedestrians bore the brunt of road fatalities. 

In 2023, there were over 1,506 reported pedestrian deaths. 

Although this marked a decrease from the 1,682 pedestrian fatalities recorded in 2022, the potential for a rise was evident, given the escalating number of accidents on Kenyan roads during the festive season.

A bus that overturned along Kitale-Lodwar Highway on 23rd December



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