Short Term Profitable Business to Do Over the Holidays

During the holiday season, many people find themselves blowing their budgets and spending beyond their limits.

This culminates in them struggling in January. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. With an entrepreneurial mindset, it is possible to earn substantial income during the festive period. 

From car-hiring services to private tutoring, you can make a good amount as a short-term investment venture. takes a look at such ventures which you can engage in to earn a tidy sum.

Students and staff having a good time at MV World Odyssey

Semester at Sea

Swimming Lessons 

During the festive season, thousands of tourists flock to the Coastal region for merrymaking and to engage in fun activities in warm weather. However, some of them don’t know how to swim. This provides an opportunity for locals who offer swimming lessons at Ksh500 per hour.

For those tourists who may not be proficient swimmers, the Coastal region becomes a hub for both relaxation and adventure. The warm weather and inviting beaches draw people from various parts of the world, creating a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. While many tourists revel in the joy of swimming in the ocean, some are hesitant due to their lack of swimming skills.

To address this need, you cab capitalise on the opportunity by offering swimming lessons. If you are familiar with the Coastal waters, you can structure your lessons to allow you to teach basic swimming techniques and safety measures. 

Ideally, you should structure the lessons to provide a blend of learning and enjoyment, ensuring participants acquire essential swimming skills while having a memorable experience in the process.

Travel Guide

The Christmas period is a time when both local and international tourists flock popular destinations. 

Most of the times, the travelers are not well versed with the geographical layout of Kenyan cities and tourist destinations creating an opportunity for travel guides to show them around. 

The emergence of social media has also led to tourists developing a habit of documenting their trips through video compilations.

Most of them typically prefer to experience the country’s local culture including cuisines and attire. 

A tour guide can show them such places at an affordable rate. 

Private Tutoring Lessons

With the schools closed for an extended period of time, some parents are seeking  private tutors to help their children shore up their academic performance. 

Based on historical trends, there is typically a huge demand for private tutors over the festive period

If this is your line of work, you can seize the opportunity by advertising your services on social media. If your rates are attractive, it is very likely you will land multiple clients which will create an extra revenue stream for you.

Social media has also created an opportunity to land even more clients by offering online classes.

Food Van

If you own a vehicle and love cooking, the time is ripe to start entertaining the idea of a food truck.

As witnessed in the COVID era, Kenyans are an enterprising lot who demonstrated that it is possible to make money by selling different items from the trunks of their vehicles.

All that is required is identifying a high-traffic area that will allow you to attract as many customers as possible. 

Such spots include; near transport hubs such as bus stops, next to key facilities such as hospitals and government offices or by the beachside.

A photo of sample Kenyan currency notes.


Cooking Classes

Before the digital age which has allowed people to monetize their talents, creatives used to share their talents with the world without earning a coin.

However, times have changed. At the moment, a multitude of opportunities available for the taking.

People can now earn by showing the world how to  prepare various delicacies. 

The most interesting thing about this is that its an extremely easy venture to set up since not a lot of resources are required.

You can also set yourself apart by carving out a niche for yourself which will entail specializing on a particular type of food or presentation format.

To gain clients, you can start by advertising your services on social media.

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