Wife Pleads With Kindiki After Husband was Abducted in Broad Daylight at Carwash in Nairobi

The family of a popular Nairobi real estate agent made a heartfelt appeal on Monday to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki for assistance in locating their relative who went missing in October. 

The man was last seen at a carwash in Komarock where he had taken his vehicle for cleaning, only to be abducted by unidentified individuals. 

Despite their relentless efforts over the past two months, the family remains in the dark about his whereabouts, having combed through police stations, hospitals, and mortuaries in a desperate search for the missing businessman.

Police vehicle on a patrol in Lari constituency.


National Police Service

His distressed wife shared the challenges she faced, particularly the difficulty in explaining to their children the mysterious disappearance of their father.

Compounding the emotional turmoil, she disclosed that the financial responsibility now rested solely on her shoulders, as she encountered obstacles accessing her husband’s bank accounts. 

The missing real estate agent played a crucial role in their children’s education, covering school fees, and also contributed to the support of several underprivileged children, with an annual commitment of approximately Ksh1 million.

“CS Kindiki, you are a parent and the same way your family rejoices when you come back home at night is the same way my children got excited when their father came home. Please help us find him,” she stated.

The wife further described the agonising experience of visiting various mortuaries daily, confronted with different bodies each time, in a desperate quest to locate her missing husband. 

The traumatic nature of this ordeal deeply affected their son, who withdrew from the distressing situation by isolating himself in his room for three days.

In a plea for assistance, she urged the public to join their efforts in finding her husband, who has been missing for nearly three months

The family’s anguish intensified as it became known that the real estate agent was abducted shortly after winning a decade-long court case related to a piece of land. The opposing party had initially made damning statements, only to retract them after the businessman mysteriously disappeared.

Additionally, there was a wrangle after the businessman attempted to purchase a piece of land in Tassia in Embakasi, Nairobi County. The businessman reportedly fenced the land which was frequently used by commuters leading to a tiff.

Police from the Kayole Police Station had also interrogated another suspect who allegedly issued threats to the businessman demanding back money he had paid for a parcel of land in Kitengela.

The family complained that investigations conducted by the police were shallow and could not be acted upon. 

Despite the slow progress, the family is hopeful that they will see their kin again.

A photo of the entrance at the Kayole Police Station



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