Families of 2 Men Gunned Down Near Police Station in Buru Buru Break Silence

The families of 2 men, among the 4 gunned down in Buru Buru Phase 5 Estate on Tuesday, have disclosed details about the final moments of their loved ones.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the mother of one of the deceased revealed that her son, a trader selling second-hand clothes, commonly referred to as mitumba, operated both in the Umoja area and online. 

On the day preceding the unfortunate incident, the merchant had been at his mother’s residence, where he prepared lunch for the entire family. 

During this visit, he also took the time to plan and discuss arrangements for his daughter’s upcoming first birthday celebration.

After attending to these family matters, he left the house, unaware that these would be his last moments with his loved ones.

A photo of a police landcruiser at a past crime scene



This was the last time the family saw him alive, attempts to reach him the next day were futile but no one suspected that he had passed away.

“I saw the incident on the news the following day and I was shocked but did not think much of it, I went on with my day,” the mother recalled.

His wife broke down during an interview urging law enforcement officials to arrest those involved in the murder. She revealed that she struggled with the burden of telling the daughter that her dad had passed away.

On the other hand, the mother of the second deceased revealed that she last saw her son on December 23 after she advanced to him working capital to operate his mitumba business.

When she called him a few days later, he did not pick up. At this point, she assumed the son was busy and would call back later like he typically did, but that did not happen.

Unfortunately, she got the news that her son had passed on leaving her devastated and in shock.

“Everyone makes a mistake and if there was a problem there is the law, if they had wronged anyone why couldn’t the matter be taken to the police? They had not stolen the car, and no gun was found in the vehicle so why spray them with bullets?” the heartbroken mother posed.

The two families urged the relevant authorities led by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki to intervene and unravel the mystery of how the men were killed a few metres from the Buru Buru Police Station.

Despite police denying the murder was carried out by security officers, the families are concerned about why the officers from the police station failed to show up when the gunshots were fired at 2.30 am.

Investigations are ongoing as the other two bodies await identification. An autopsy is set to be conducted on Wednesday.

A photo of police officers holding an event at the Buruburu Police Station on August 3, 2020.


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