Kenyan Shares Experience of Cycling for 16 Hours From Kisii to Nairobi

A Kenyan cycling enthusiast took on the somewhat impossible task of cycling from Kisii to Nairobi as a test of strength and perseverance on Christmas day.

The cyclist best known as Siro Fits shared his journey with Kenyans online to showcase the lengths he had gone to achieve this feat which he considers phenomenal especially since he had failed at it several times before.

“Cycling from Kisii to Nairobi in a day to me is mental empowerment that comes from defying gravity, traffic, the sun, winds, and personal comfort,” he remarked in a statement.

As outlined in his itinerary, the cyclist began his journey at around 4 am on Christmas, and 310 kilometres later he was in Nairobi a few minutes past midnight.

A photo of a cyclist who rode a bike from Kisii to Nairobi on December 25, 2023


Siro Fits

His adventure earned him praise from fellow cyclists who commended him for his discipline and perseverance noting how difficult the task was.

“I respect your discipline, I’d honestly take a detour, 30 minutes before leaving the town for some refreshments, just to reassess my commitments in life then postpone that trip,” one stated.

The cyclist advised his peers against attempting the same without support or enough preparation pointing out that such a trip requires considerable mental strength.

During his trip, he made stops in Bomet, Narok, and Mai Mahiu to get refreshments and replenish his energy to allow him to remain in peak physical condition throughout the journey.

According to the cyclist, one of the foremost challenges he faced during his journey was navigating steep terrain, particularly on the route from Kericho into the Rift Valley. This stretch required covering approximately 30 kilometres of ascent.

“The 30 kilometre from Narok to Ntulele became a relentless series of ups and downs, with headwinds eagerly sapping my dwindling energy after each climb,” he shared.

While cycling through the escarpments, he closely trailed trucks to ensure safety and minimise drag and resistance while going uphill.

His determination to undertake extensive cycling or walking expeditions is not unique, as an increasing number of individuals embrace the challenge, testing their perseverance.

In early December, media personality Cynthia Nyamai embarked on a journey trekking from Mombasa to Nairobi, covering 488 kilometres in 14 days, to raise funds for the Kibra Charity Walk.

In October, a French YouTuber cycled over 9,500 kilometres from France to Kenya, spending two years on the road due to the stops he made along the way.

A collage of Yves Kino, a French National who travels the world with his electric bicycle


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