TIFA Report Details Counties Frustrated With Employment Opportunities

63 per cent of Mt Kenya residents have expressed displeasure with the situation of the country in 2023, as compared to the previous year, a new survey has revealed.

According to the latest poll by TIFA Research on Kenya’s reflections of 2023, the Mt Kenya region has shown a shift against the Kenya Kwanza regime based on four parameters: cost of living, economy, lack of employment opportunities and process of obtaining credit or a loan.

Per the survey, 82 per cent of the Mt Kenya region stated that the cost of living escalated in 2023, pointing out the rise of essential household items, electricity and fuel among others.

Kenyan youth queuing on Wabera Street in Nairobi, waiting for services on May 26, 2018.


Kenyan magazine

Overall, 87 per cent of Kenyans lamented about the cost of living with the perception more prevalent in urban areas (90 per cent) as compared to rural areas (86 per cent).

“Specifically, Nyanza and Nairobi regions have over 90 per cent of respondents stating that the cost of living deteriorated in 2023,” read part of the report.

Further, 74 per cent of Mt Kenya expressed frustration with the state of the economy in 2023.

On the other hand. 62 per cent of Central region residents pointed out the lack of employment opportunities in the year 2023 as compared to 2022. 

Other regions such as Nyanza (80 per cent), Nairobi (75 per cent), North Eastern (70 per cent) and Rift Valley (55 per cent) also had negative sentiments about the employment landscape.

In terms of acquiring a loan, 53 per cent of Mt Kenya residents noted that it was quite difficult owing to various economic challenges including stringent lending practices, elevated risk perceptions by financial institutions and broader uncertainties affecting borrowers.

Only 25 per cent of the Mt Kenya region expressed content in loan accessibility in 2023 as compared to 2022.

The survey shows the overall discontent in the year 2023 which was worsened by the high cost of living. Out of the regions, Mt Kenya is primarily viewed as a vote-rich region that swings the outcome of any presidential election.

In the 2022 General Election President William Ruto acquired 2.9 million votes from 10 Mt Kenya counties as opposed to his main opponent Raila Odinga who got 847,709 votes from the region. The difference impacted Ruto’s votes as he edged out his competitor to secure the victory.

President William Ruto at Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School on December 16, 2023.


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