Matatu Conductor Assaults Passenger Over Fare Disagreements

A matatu conductor assaulted a passenger on Friday, December 29, after a disagreement over the amount of transport money supposed to be paid.

The passenger, a man who had travelled to inspect his mother’s construction project bordered a public van at Makutano Stage in Kirinyaga County, travelling back to Nairobi.

Narrating the sad incident, ED stated that before leaving the stage, the conductor agreed to Ksh 250 as the transport money from Makutano to Nairobi.

“On the way, he started arguing with a lady who wanted to pay via mobile money,”

Matatus caught up in a traffic snarl-up at Tom Mboya street near Khoja/Old Mutual terminus in May 2020.



“He made us stop at Kenol to withdraw the money, after which we paid,” the passenger narrated. 

The matatu was ferrying passengers in excess, where several sat between seats using small wooden blocks.

The victim, seated on the wooden block, tried to renegotiate with the conductor again, reminding him of their initial agreement. 

“I reminded him that we agreed on Ksh250 before leaving the stage,”

“The madam sitting next to me paid Ksh250, so did the man on my other side,” he added. 

The situation escalated after the conductor tried to drop the man and a lady at Ruiru, after refusing to add the  Ksh50. 

According to the statement from the victim, the matatu operator threatened them several times, after which they refused to get out of the van. 

“He started pointing at me insulting me, I tried to defend myself but he managed to drag me out holding one of the pieces of wood (sambaza),” he stated.

The conductor then hit the passenger on the head, further biting him on the chin after he tried to get back in the vehicle. 

The passenger later reported the incident at Gatong’ora police station at 1750 hours,  under OB number 26/29/12/2023, where he presented a report and the vehicle’s registration number. 

He later went to Ruiru level four hospital where he received minor treatment, and later went to Metropolitan Hospital for an X-ray and further check-up. 

Cases of matatu operators assaulting passengers over fare disagreements have been on the rise, with several advocates petitioning for relevant authorities to take legal action against the perpetrators.

A screengrab of a conductor slapping a female passenger along Thika Road on November 28, 2023.


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