Top Fashion Trends that Defined 2023

As far as style goes, Kenyans made a statement this year with bold and captivating fashion choices. 

A huge section of Kenyans rewinded the clock and took it back to 1980.

From outstanding colour matches to outfits with no gender boundaries, 2023 shaped dressing codes in most urban areas.

This included the resurfacing of the ’90s and 2000s streetwear and a fusion between old and new schools.

Chunky boots


Thursday Boot Company

As such, most people termed this sense of fashion as the GEN Z dress code, but was it just the GEN Z?

Let’s find out.

Chunky Boots

The emergence of chunky boots prompted by El Nino left an indelible mark on Kenyan fashion. 

Beyond being fashionable, these boots offered comfort, warmth, and waterproof features, making them a practical yet stylish choice. 

Their versatility made them a staple in everyday wardrobes. 

Baggy Ripped Jeans

A notable shift from the dominance of skinny jeans, baggy ripped jeans emerged as a trendsetter in 2023. 

The washed-out blue and grey denim varieties took centre stage, capturing hearts with their unique style. 

Women paired them with chunky heels, while men opted for the rugged charm of jungle boots.

Cargo Pants

Surprising many, cargo pants made a comeback in 2023, defying expectations that they were a last-year trend. 

Cargo shorts and cargo tracksuits flooded clothing stores, becoming the casual wear of choice. 

With prices dropping significantly, cargos became the affordable and trendy alternative, akin to sweatpants in previous years.


Sheer fabrics, once associated primarily with female runway outfits, found a place in men’s fashion in 2023. 

Technological advancements allowed for creative incorporation into official clothing, often used as cover-ups or as a unique top for collar suits, challenging traditional gendered fashion norms.

African Prints

The enduring popularity of African prints remained steadfast in 2023. 

From the influence of Dashiki to the impact of the Black Panther movie, African prints continued to be a prominent fashion trend.

Dressing in African or Kenyan wear, featuring fabrics like Kitenge, showcased the cultural significance that promises to endure into the coming year.

Kiambu Woman Representative Anne Wamuratha (in kitenge dress) interacting with boda riders on Monday, January 23, 2023


Anne Wamuratha

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