Raila Odinga’s New Year Message to Kenyans

Azimio Leader Raila Odinga has issued three requests in his New Year message in an appeal to rally his supporters to join him in his cause to liberate the country. 

Through his end-of-year statement, Raila urged Kenyans to exercise their sovereign power to restore the country’s dignity and well-being. 

In particular, he highlighted the high levies and high-income tax deductions from people’s payslips.

Raila slammed the government on the empty promises that the current regime has been making and failing to implement.

A Photo of Azimio Leader Raila Odinga Speaking


Raila Odinga

“We shall exercise our sovereign power of the people to stop death and suffering of our people and restore our dignity and well-being of our people. We shall work with all people of goodwill to restore hope and faith in our nation,” read a statement by Raila.

Further, he appealed to Kenyans to build a coalition of citizens who are willing to plan, mobilize, and organize effectively to fight for the country. 

The final request involved Kenyans’ setting aside their differences to take appropriate action when called upon. 

“We shall work with all people of goodwill to restore hope and faith in our nation,” he noted. 

The former premier has been at the front line in pointing out and criticizing the Government for the high taxes that have been levied against Kenyans. 

 While addressing Siaya residents Raila threatened the Government with a fresh round of protests and urged all Kenyans to take part if the punitive taxes were not repealed.

“Kenyan families continue to struggle with record-high price inflation, with the price of groceries, petroleum products and other essentials out of control as a result of taxes. Taxes are consuming close to half of earnings by people and businesses,” he explained.

“We have said that come the new year, the new tax law must be removed, the Finance Act must be removed, if they refuse we will go back to the streets.

The opposition leader reaffirmed that he would press for a taxation plan that would cut across the income tax rate reduction. 

The Azimio leader further urged allied MPs to shoot down any proposal to establish any new taxes on anything as Kenyans were already suffering.

Bonfires lit along Miwani-Mamboleo road by protestors on December 9, 2023


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