5 Kenyan Women Earning Global Recognition in Fight Against Climate Change

Kenyan women have made remarkable strides in the fight against Climate Change and also receiving global recognition for their innovations and inventions.

Several have made significant innovations in food security, green building practices and eco-friendly fuel. Featured below are some of the Climate Change champions who have been recognised. 

The Iloplei Twala Cultural Manyatta Women’s Group 

The group of Kenyan women based in Laikipia County has managed to convert pulp from a hazardous cactus plant into safe biofuel. The Twala Cultural group is working to curb the invasion of the opuntia cactus, which grows rapidly and consequentially reduces grazing lands for the largely nomadic group.  

A Photo of Rose, The Chairlady Twala Women Group in Laikipia


Laikipia Conservancies Association

The group, which has more than 200 members who are now employed in converting cactus pulp into fuel, has been successful in creating and using the fuel in their homes using the pulp

Twala also boasts the success of eradicating more than 95 per cent of the hazardous plants in a 40-acre piece of land, where traditional methods have failed. 

Esther Wanjiru:  Farmer Lifeline Kenya

Esther is the founder of Farmer Lifeline Kenya, an organisation that leverages AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics to advise farmers. 

The organisation has invented solar-powered scanners that take pictures, identify pests and diseases and advise farmers on treatment options for any of these identified within their farms. 

Led by Esther, the organisation has since received several global awards, including the prestigious Global Citizen Award in 2023.

Nzambi Matee: Gjenge Makers

Matee is the founder of Gjenge Makers, a company that developed the prototype for a machine that turns discarded plastic into paving stones.

Gjenge Makers produces sustainable, low-cost construction materials made of recycled plastic waste and sand. 

The organisation has successfully provided alternative building solutions while utilising plastic waste which is heavily problematic in the Kenyan urban areas.

These innovations have seen her achieve global recognition, such as the Young Champion for the Youth. 

Wanjuhi Njoroge: People Planet Africa

Wanjuhi Njoroge is an environmentalist and activist pushing the climate agenda in rural communities. 

The environmentalist is also a member of the Young Global Shapers, an organisation which features young leaders and connects them to influence decision-making. 

She also spearheaded the #SaveOurForestsKE campaign in 2018. Which she states led to a total ban on forest harvesting in Kenya.

“I feel that that there is not enough action. Conversations are in cosy rooms, but we need to get out. I do a lot of work with rural communities”, Wanjuhi emphasised while in an interview with the UN Women. 

Elizabeth Wathuti:  Green Generation Initiative

Elizabeth is the founder of the Green Generation Initiative, which engages children and schools in tree planting and conservation efforts.

The initiative has impacted more than 20,000 people and over 40 schools through conservation efforts. 

Elizabeth received the Young Climate Champion 2019 award from the Green Climate Fund (GCF). She was also named by the Commonwealth as a regional finalist for Africa and Europe for the 2020 Commonwealth Youth Awards for excellence in development work.

Elizabeth Wathuti, founder of the Green Generation Initiative, addresses the opening ceremony of Cop26 on 1 November 2021


Dennis Nyambane

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