Law Society of Kenya Calls for Nationwide Protests Next Week

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has called for nationwide protests this coming week over Ruto’s attack on the Judiciary.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, LSK criticised the president’s remarks, faulting him for linking the courts to cartels.

According to the group, Ruto’s remarks could jeopardise the integrity of the Judiciary. 

“The Law Society of Kenya will call its members to a countrywide peaceful purple ribbon protest march next week to affirm our oath publicly to defend the constitution, rule of law and the independence of the Judiciary,” LSK boss Eric Theuri stated. 

LSK President Eric Theuri making a presentation on LSK memorandum on the public petition for the ban of TikTok on November 14, 2023


Eric Theuri

Earlier, the Kenya Judges and Magistrates Association also called out Ruto over the matter.

“By disobeying the Court Orders, the President is disobeying the very Constitution which he swore to protect and uphold by trampling upon the independence of the Judiciary,” read part of the statement from the association. 

“The rule of law envisages that where any party is not satisfied with the decision made by a Court, such party ought to exercise the right of appeal. Where such a party has been bestowed with public trust, they could even approach Parliament to put in place laws that are in tandem with our Constitutional values and principles.”

KANU secretary for political affairs, Fredrick Okanga, was among the leaders who had urged LSK to take decisive action against Ruto, who was accused of threatening the independence of the Judiciary. 

“The Executive head has used his status to threaten the Judiciary of Kenya and its officers. The Kenyan Judiciary must urgently stand up against these threats to the Judiciary and its officers. 

“In the meanwhile, where is the Chief Justice of Kenya, Hon Martha Koome?  Where is the president of the Law Society of Kenya when a rogue regime is threatening the Judiciary?” Okanga told 

Other lawyers and opposition leaders including Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo had also criticised Ruto. 

“William Ruto Is coming out In his true colours! Court orders mean nothing to him! Hope CJ Martha Koome will reconsider the soft approach to this regime, and assert the full authority of courts! If this is not done, he will rig 2027 and disobey Supreme Court orders contrary,” Amollo stated. 

This comes as Azimio’s Raila Odinga had also threatened to resume mass action if Ruto’s administration does not repeal the Finance Act 2023. 

Raila stated that the taxes introduced in the Act were punitive and subjecting Kenyans to tough times. 

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga during his speech on December 6, 2023



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