Sneak Peek: State House Changes Observed From Ruto’s Photos

President William Ruto’s latest diplomatic meetings at State House, Nairobi have provided Kenyans with a sneak peek into changes in buildings at the house on the hill. observed that the President hosted Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF) leader General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and Somalia Foreign Minister Ali Mohamed Omar in a new building with a fully furnished meeting room.

From the photos shared between January 2 -3,  the meeting room takes a different interior design from the main State House building.

Unlike the main house which is mainly dominated by white-painted walls, the walls of the new establishment are branded with white and grey colours.

President William Ruto together with Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF)leader General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo at State House on January 3, 2024.


The walls are also decorated with paintings and nature artworks dominated by green colour.

On the other hand, the floor is filled with a white carpet which is branded with the Kenyan Court of Arms at the centre. The court of arms is also circled with a yellow pattern, representative of Ruto’s standard colours.

The white carpet also has a distinct red pattern around it.

Regarding the furniture, the rooms are furnished with wooden wing chairs patterned with vintage cream materials and wooden stools.

Notably, cream and white colours dominate the furniture owing to their significance. The colours are aimed at making people calm and feel welcome to a particular venue.

Cream also represents elegance and reliability which are key in diplomacy.

On the exterior, the building is dominated by a staircase which is partly enclosed with glass. On the other hand, the exterior finish is made of stone, contrary to the white-painted walls of State House’s main building.

Other changes that have also been witnessed in recent weeks, is the establishment of a new stand at the State House Grounds which is used to host various events such as the Jamhuri Day celebrations..

The new stand replaced the old one that existed right in front of the State House’s main entrance. 

Christmas party at State House in 2021 (left) and a similar event in 2023 (right).


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