US-Based Kenyan Nurse John Mugo Goes Missing Under Unclear Circumstance

A search and rescue operation has been launched to track a Kenyan nurse, John Mugo, who was employed in New York, US before he went missing. 

Multiple reports indicated that Mugo went missing when he was preparing to fly to his home in Atlanta on December 24 but unfortunately, he never arrived home as was expected.

The Kenya medical practitioner’s disappearance raised eyebrows as he had landed a new job at a hospital in New York a few weeks ago. 

According to his friends and colleagues, Mugo was a well-respected medical practitioner and renowned for his initiative in propelling community-based projects in Atlanta.

Photo of travel nurse John Mugo who disappeared under unclear circumstances on December 24


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Efforts to locate him are currently underway, with friends and even colleagues rallying together to aid in the search.

Others took to social media to share his details, including his last location and physical description

His photos have gone viral on social media, with flyers also being used to encourage the public to share his whereabouts. 

Family meetings and vigils were also held to commemorate him, bringing together friends, acquaintances, and patients touched by his role. 

Police in Atlanta raised alarm over his unclear disappearance, with the officers encouraging anyone with information about his whereabouts, no matter how small, to bring forward. 

Following the extensive search, police are planning to interview potential witnesses, colleagues, and other family members. 

However, one big challenge marring the whole search process is the lack of enough information to trace his last movements.

A photo of Atlanta police car in the US


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