24-Yr-Old Starlet Wahu Found Dead Inside Nairobi Airbnb Apartment

Police attached to Industrial Area Police Station arrested a middle-aged man suspected of killing a 24-year-old lady in an Airbnb apartment in South B, Nairobi.

CCTV footage seen by Kenyans.co.ke showed that the man was in the company of social media influencer Starlet Wahu on the night of the murder. 

Wahu, in a short red dress, walked alongside the man from the apartment’s lift and checked into the apartment. 

The following day, police officers received a distress call from the building’s manager informing them of a murder that had occurred at the apartment. 

An image of a team of police officers arriving at a crime scene in Nairobi on December 8, 2021.

Photo: DCI

When the police arrived at the apartment, they found that the house had been locked from the outside, prompting them to break the locks to gain entry. 

It was at this juncture that they discovered the lifeless body of the young woman lying in a pool of blood in the sitting room area.

“We found the woman had bled to death. The victim suffered a quick death,” Judith Nyongesa, the police commander in Makadara, informed the press. 

The police established that the victim’s body had bruises and stabs all around the thighs. Officers believe that Wahu might have attempted to seek help by leaving the house before ultimately dying a few centimeters away from the door.

The officers quickly cordoned off the area as they initiated investigations into the cause of death.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the two had rented the apartment for a night out.

Recovered from the scene were items, notably a HIV testing kit displaying negative results. This suggested that both individuals had undergone testing for their HIV status beforehand.

Other items included used condoms, the victim’s clothes, a mobile phone, alcohol, and a knife believed to be the murder weapon.

“The case is still ongoing. We want to find out the motive behind the gruesome murder,” Commander Nyongesa added.

Detectives managed to trace the suspect’s mobile phone to a local hospital in Nairobi where he was found undergoing treatment for a stab wound.

The suspect has since been arrested as police seek to establish the motive behind the gruesome murder. 

A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021



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