HELB Offers Up to Ksh 500K Low-Interest Loans for Civil Servants

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) on Friday, January 3, urged civil servants to apply for a loan identified as the training revolving funds.

The loan, provided in partnership with the Ministry of Public Service, targets civil servants in the national government, county government and National Police Service. 

“Civil servants, this one’s for you! Application is now open for the Training Revolving Fund – TRF Loans,” the notice reads. 

According to HELB, civil servants can apply for amounts between Ksh30,000 and Ksh500,000, payable in a prolonged period of up to six years.

Public Service CS Moses Kuria among other Ministry employees during a past address.

Photo Ministry of Public Service

The loan, with a low-interest rate of 4 per cent per year, will be used to finance civil servants in payment of tuition fees, examination fees, Library fees, and Computer and research fees. 

HELB has also highlighted courses covered by the revolving fund which include Postgraduate studies, both master’s and PhD and short courses of at least three months. 


Civil servants interested in the loan are required to provide at least two colleagues to serve as guarantors and a recommendation letter from their employer. 

Further, the candidate must obtain an admission letter from a recognized university they have chosen for their studies.

Other requirements are three copies of the latest payslips, a certified copy of their national identification card (ID), a certified KRA pin and recent coloured passport-sized photographs.

The loan repayment starts from the first month after the funds are disbursed, which will be done via a monthly check-off system from the employer’s payroll.

This announcement comes days after HELB announced up to Ksh500,000 loans for Kenyan nurses intending to further their studies.

“This is for nurses pursuing advanced and specialised courses in approved training institutions in Kenya,” HELB stated. 

Medical graduates at the Outspan Medical College in Nyeri County on November 19, 2022.

Photo: PCS

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