Police Arrest Landlord Who Assaulted Tenants Over January Rent In Imara Daima

A landlord who attacked tenants in a building in Imara Daima, Nairobi over January rent has been arrested by police officers today.

This comes after the tenants raised the alarm following an attack on their families on January 5, just as some were leaving for work.

 The landlord allegedly beat the wife of one of the tenants and removed his door as he got into a duel with others.

“I was called by my house as I had left for work, I had to rush back just to find him cutting my door,” another tenant commented.

Collage of scenes at Imara Daima following an attack by the landlord on his tenants, January 6, 2024.



The drama did not stop just there, most of the tenants were served with a second notice following the incident, as he allegedly knocked on doors and asked the occupants to vacate for the safety of their children.

Before this, he had sent a notice over the festive season, threatening to remove the doors of those who would make late payments.

Furthermore, his employees have also come out to clarify that they have been harassed severally by their boss who is the landlord.

“He always has issues with a lot of things but the last two weeks, things have been worse even for his tenants,” another employee commented.

The landlord has since gained notoriety online, with a recorded video of him attacking the tenants doing rounds on social media platforms.

In the online videos, a group of onlookers flocked to the premises as they watched the incident from a distance daring not to meddle in.

Some tried calling out the landlord to quell the fight but the defiant boss continued thumping the clients.

The viral video has since sparked outrage from online users who have slammed the landlord for lack of understanding and empathy.

A photo of the landlord-tenant law handbook.

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