Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi Raises Ksh 680k in Minutes for Lady Stranded in India

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi on Sunday led an impromptu fundraiser for a lady stranded in India, who had flown into the Asian country to seek medical treatment.

The MP extended the kind gesture after an attendee, at an engineers event he was attending, appealed for his help, narrating the lady’s ordeal in raising the funds required for the treatment.

“I have a request, there is a lady from this area who is in India for treatment. When she got to India, her money got exhausted, she has so far spent over Ksh2 million,” the MP was informed.

Reportedly, the lady had an outstanding balance of Ksh380,000 and was appealing for help to raise the funds to settle the hospital bill and come back home.

A photo of several doctors and nurses inside an operating room


Nati Shohat

Sudi gave out Ksh100,000 in cash while other leaders at the function each donated plenty to help out the lady.

The MP explained that since the money exceeded what was required, the rest of the money would be used to buy food and other household items for the lady, enough to last a year.

“Get her a cow if she does not have one so that she lives comfortably,” he stated.

Following his generous gesture, the MP was lauded for coming to the rescue of the young lady. Kenyans urged more leaders to emulate him to help ordinary Kenyans.

The MP was also urged to sponsor bills and laws in parliament to guarantee Kenyans do not travel abroad to seek healthcare services by improving the facilities in Kenya.

Meanwhile, through the newly introduced Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), the government has assured Kenyans of better healthcare services.

Under the new regulations, there shall be three or four separate funds to replace the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). They include Primary Healthcare Fund, Social Health Insurance Fund, and Emergency, Chronic, and Critical Illness Fund.

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has vowed to ensure the funds are implemented for the benefit of Kenyans despite the criticism and questions raised.

A photo of Health CS Susan Nakhumicha.


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