Kenyans Impressed by Unique Design of Ksh 2.5M Nyamira Chief’s Camp Building [VIDEO]

Kenyans across the country heaped praises at Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo after he launched a uniquely designed office block for Nyamakoroto Chief and his assistants.

Speaking to on Wednesday, the lawmaker revealed that the office block launched a few days after the turn of the new year was put up at a cost of Ksh2.5 million.

The block, which mirrors a high-end bungalow found in the suburbs, features a hidden-roof design replete with tiles on the floor and an off-white exterior intertwined with navy blue stripes.

The building also has a red oxide all around it with narrow hung sash windows with six window panes.

Below is the video:

“The building, including Value Added Tax (VAT), is Ksh2.5 million and it took four months to construct,” explained Gisairo.

“We are looking at a design that is simple, practical, and attractive professionalising the chiefs’ work. That office is pretty big and is able to accommodate the chief and his assistant chiefs. There is also a CDF office so instead of someone going to a CDF office, which is one per constituency, what we are trying to do is let CDF offices in every ward.”

The lawmaker further explained that the area’s assistant county officer will have an office within similar offices in all wards which he intends to put up across all the 21 locations by the end of the 2025/2026 financial year. An extra office for temporary services such as ID card registration is also available.

So far, 6 similar establishments have been completed. 

Gisairo explained that the project, which was funded by CDF, was inspired by the need to enhance attractive development for locals.

“That was just one, five others for 2022/23 financial year and are under construction, to be launched soon. I just decided to launch that one first. My designs are the same. I am also launching classrooms of a different design in February,” he added.

“We can bring the city to the village. We don’t want our children to go to Nairobi when they are grown-ups and are shocked by tall buildings as well as buildings with tiles. Even the classrooms, we are modeling them so that when the child leaves the village, he is already used to the design.”

Photos and videos of the building received immense praise from Kenyans online and thousands of locals turned up during its launch.

“Nyamakoroto chief’s camp. MP Kitutu Masaba Clif Gisairo is also overworking. Good work,” celebrated a user.

Best Chief’s office in Kenya (Nyamakoroto Chief’s Camp) courtesy of Hon Clive Gisairo, MP Kitutu Masaba Constituency,” added Joel Momanyi.

Similar offices were also put up at Sengera (Manga ward), Omogonchoro (Kemera ward), Rigena (Gachuba ward), North Kitutu (Magombo ward) and East Kitutu in Rigoma ward.

The alluring Nyamakoroto Chief’s camp building.

Abuga Makori

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