Lipa Karo: How to Pay School Fees Conveniently With KCB

With students reporting back to school countrywide, paying school fees has proven to be one of the major hustles. 

What Do Parents Want?: Parents seek the easiest and most convenient module of payment, especially with the advancement of technology. 

Nowadays, you don’t have to queue in schools or banks to pay fees as there are various alternatives. 

KCB Bank: KCB is one of the pacesetters in the banking industry, always striving to ensure the needs of the customers are met. The bank prides itself on a robust and innovative mobile banking platform which has revolutionized banking for its customers. 

From paying your utilities, getting loans, buying airtime, sending and receiving money, and accessing other banking services conveniently, all at the palm of your hand.

School Fees Payment: With KCB, parents can pay fees for their loved ones to over 10,000 schools countrywide directly from their accounts or mobile phones. 

What Do You Need?: All you need is the student’s name & the admission number.

How Do You Pay School Fees With KCB?: Easy, KCB offers you various alternatives to pay school fees. From Paybill to mobile, internet banking, KCB and Vooma Apps, using KCB Cards, at any KCB Bank Agents or KCB branches countrywide.

Lipa school fees the easy way by using Lipa Na KCB Paybill 522533



Lipa Na KCB Till using Paybill 522533

Go to the M-PESA menu.

Select Lipa na M-PESA.

Select Pay Bill

Select Enter business no

Enter 522533

Select Account No.

Enter the school’s Lipa Na KCB Till Number, then #, then the student details.

See this example – 12345#John24810 

[where the School’s Lipa Na KCB Till Number is 12345, the name of the student is John Doe and his admission number is 24810].

Enter the Amount.

Enter your M-PESA PIN and commit the transaction.

You will receive an SMS from KCB and M-PESA confirming the payment.


Lipa Karo Na M-pesa Paybill No. 522123

Go to the M-Pesa menu.

Select Lipa na M-Pesa.

From your M-Pesa menu, select ‘Paybill’

Enter the business number 522123.

In the account number section, enter the school code as confirmed by the school, then a ‘K’(K must be in Capital) followed by the student admission number without leaving any spaces in between (e.g., 12345K24810) and then press OK.

Enter the school fees amount and then press OK.

Enter your M-Pesa PIN and then press OK.

You will receive two messages from KCB on your phone. One SMS confirming receipt and subsequent processing of your school fees payment from M-Pesa and another SMS confirming the school fees payment amount from KCB.

KCB Lipa Karo – ‘How To Pay Lipa Karo Via Mpesa’  

Easily pay for school fees using your KCB Internet Banking App.




With KCB App, you can carry out multiple transactions off the palm of your hand, and verify transactions or account details before authorizing the payments.

You can also access banking services round the clock through mobile banking.

Log into the KCB App

Select Lipa Karo

From the dropdown menu select the school you wish to pay or search for the school you wish to pay to & follow the prompts

Confirm that all the information entered is correct and then press proceed.

To complete the transaction, you will be requested to insert your Mobi PIN

On completion of the transaction, you will receive a confirmation message from KCB.

Make school fees payments easily using any of our KCB Bank Agents



KCB Bank Agents Countrywide

The agent will request the cash deposit; school account number; student name; and student admission number.

The Agent will receive the cash and then post the transaction on the POS terminal.

To complete the transaction, you will need to sign the transaction register

You will receive a POS terminal receipt for your records.


Internet Banking

Log onto your internet banking profile on 

You can transfer school fees directly from your KCB account to the school’s account.

What are you waiting for? Pay fees with KCB conveniently via any available options and enjoy more of our services too. We are your partner. We share your vision. Go Ahead!

Simply pay school fees using your KCB card and earn double Simba points



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