Mama Ngina Girls High Relocates to Land Donated by Shimo La Tewa Boys

Mama Ngina Girls High School in Mombasa has been relocated to a new location in a plan to reduce congestion in the facility. 

The school, which was formerly located in the city centre of Mombasa has now been moved to Shanzu on a 20-acre piece of land donated by Shimo La Tewa Boys High School. 

Previously, Mama Ngina students were confined to only one acre in their former location. 

Expressing her gratitude for the donations, Mama Ngina Girls principal Mwanahamisi Omar stated that the new parcels of land would help fix the issue of overcrowding in her school.

Students next to Mama Ngina Girls High School Bus.


Mama Ngina Girls High School

“We are opening our school today having relocated from the old school to this new one in Shanzu. Initially, we were in Kizingo on a less than an acre piece of land and now we are here on a 20-acre piece of land, thanks to Shimo La Tewa Boys who donated this piece of land,” she said.

“Coming to a new school feels great, being a Form Four with a bigger classroom, a bigger facility,” one of the students stated.

Mama Ngina, a national school, has been grappling with the lack of enough space for growth and even participation in co-curricular activities.

“Now that we have this place and the administration has a bigger plan about the activity, they have planned to have so many fields for football, basketball and all extracurricular activities,” one of the teachers stated.

The school had indicated on its website that inadequate, almost lack of playing fields had forced them to hire Mbaraki Sports Club Ground where the students went twice a week to play. 

 “I am very certain that these activities will be performed well and that will also raise the performance of the school,” the teacher added.

Students assured education stakeholders that they would leverage the donations to perform exceedingly well in the county and beyond its borders. 

Education CS Ezekiel Machogu (right) and his PS Belio Kipsang.


Education Ministry

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