UK Recruiter Meets Kenyan PS Roselyn Njogu in Search of Employees

President William Ruto’s quest to secure employment for Kenyans abroad continues to grow with the latest development touching on the Jersey Island construction industry in the UK.

On Wednesday, GR8 Recruitment Chief Executive Lee Madden arrived in Kenya and held talks with State Department of Diaspora Affairs (SDDA) Principal Secretary Roselyn Njogu.

Madden flew to Kenya to explore opportunities for labour partnerships and labour mobility.

“Hello 2024! SDDA works to match Kenyan talent with opportunities in the diaspora in line with our mandate. The GR8 team, over the last 3 years, has recruited hundreds of Kenyans for work in Jersey and Guernsey, UK,” the PS revealed.

GR8 CEO Lee Madden and colleague (left) and PS Roselyn Njogu.


Roselyn Njogu

Njogu further shared a link to the company’s recruitment page which showed that it was actively recruiting individuals to fill positions. The listed vacancies included plumbing, electricians, and multi-skilled building personnell.

Madden founded the company in 2018 and initially, it was dedicated to creating a reliable resource for Jersey’s Construction industry.

“Following the success of this, and a need from the Hospitality industry to also find experienced and motivated professionals, our Hospitality and Retail Operations Director Em Holliday joined the Team,” reads a statement on GR8 Recruitment’s about us page.

“GR8 has grown to become the blue-collar sector’s leading recruitment specialist in the Channel Islands.”

In line with the company’s expertise, Madden’s discussion with Njogu centred around the availability of labour opportunities in health, hospitality, agriculture, and maritime(blue economy) sectors.

The meeting was also attended by Ms. Em Holliday, the Director of Overseas Recruitment at GR8 and Ms. Irene Karari Ag. Director of Skills and Expertise at the Jersey company.

GR8 Recruitment opens another employment avenue, a boost to Ruto who is on a quest to find Kenyans, who are reeling from increased unemployment rates, opportunities abroad.

On Tuesday, State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed revealed that Saudi Arabia was recruiting 2,500 nursing and healthcare professionals which he cited as a direct result from Ruto’s efforts in engaging with international partners and negotiating frameworks to connect Kenyans with employment opportunities.

He further indicated that over 300,000 other opportunities were in the horizon with 3,000 Agricultural opportunities in Israel available in March this year.

Germany is gearing up to hire 250,000 Kenyans while Israel is prepared to employ 30,000 individuals. Other countries preparing to employ Kenyans include; Russia (10,000) and Serbia (20,000).

All opportunities in Serbia will be in the construction sector.

President William Ruto speaking from State House, Nakuru on December 31, 2023.


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