Kenyan Man Strips Outside Zambian Court, Attempts to Flee

A Kenyan man stunned onlookers on Thursday morning at a Magistrate Court located in the Northeastern Zambian District of Isoka after stripping and attempting to flee, moments after being presented in court.

Zambian media outlets reported that the man had been arrested after failing to present himself at the immigration offices to ostensibly answer questions related to his presence in the country.

Rae Hamoonga, the Zambian Police Spokesperson would in a statement reveal that the Kenyan was a remandee who had been transported to the court from the Isoka Correctional Facility.

A photo of Zambian police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga at his office


Zambia Police

“Suddenly when they arrived at the court, one remandee jumped out of a parked vehicle and began running away naked as he had undressed when the vehicle parked,” Hamoonga stated.

Police officers chased after him, causing a scene and leaving onlookers bewildered. However, the man did not get far as the officers caught up with him and rearrested him.

During the chase, the suspect sustained 2 deep cuts on his right leg after tripping and landing on iron sheets which required him to be rushed to a local hospital for medical attention.

After being treated, the Kenyan man was transported to Isoka Police Station where he will be detained until he is presented in court again.

According to the immigration guidelines, Kenyans seeking to travel to Zambia must have a valid passport. Depending on the reason for travel, Kenyans will be required to apply for permits.

A visa is not required if the traveler has a valid passport. However, the stay will be limited.

Per the Immigration and Deportation Act 1965, anyone without a valid permit in Zambia may be arrested, detained, and deported by an immigration officer.

Other reasons for deportation include failing to comply with the guidelines specified in their temporary permit and if the person is seen as a threat to the citizens of Zambia.

When one is issued with a notice to leave Zambia, they are informed of the route to use and the timeline to leave before the government takes action.

An aerial photo of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).


Kenya Ports Authority

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