Pupils Hold Protest In Kakamega After Private Developer Blocks Them From Accessing School

Pupils from a school in Kakamega on Thursday staged demonstrations after a private developer constructed a perimeter wall around the school, barring access.

Led by their teachers, the pupils hoisted placards while protesting outside the school premises as they vented their frustrations over the provocative move by the developer.

“I want to urge the developer to remove the wall they have built here because we can’t access anything inside there including the buses,” lamented one of the pupils.

The pupils, who were also in the company of a section of parents demanded immediate action taken against the developer in case he failed to heed their demand.

Parents and teachers at Jabstir Academy in Kakamega protesting over grabbed school road on January 11, 2024


The school neighbours the private developer’s home who decided to eat into the land covering the road leading to the school. 

“I am frustrated that this wall has been constructed here and there is no way we can access the school premises. I demand the wall be demolished because we have been using this road to access our school for many years,” noted one of the teachers.

“We should not deprive the children of their right to go to school, let the kids continue learning.”

The owner of the private school is now contemplating going to court to recover the school land.

So far, the owner has visited the Lands Registrar offices in Kakamega, and Western Regional Commissioner in a move to have the wall brought down.

According to Samson Macharia, the Western Regional Commissioner, the land in question falls under the Bloc D site where several buildings have so far been demolished to pave the way for the Affordable Housing Project.

However, the commissioner noted the school acquired the land legally but what ignites the row between the school owner and the private developer is the question of who owns the land where the road leading to the school lies.

“The school is the legal owner of the parcel of land according to documents from the land registrar’s office. I have now asked them to get a private surveyor to help us get where the actual road should pass,” Macharia noted. 

A photo of demolished houses in Kakamega County


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