Sabina Chege, Kiambu Senator Thang’wa Elicit Backlash After Visiting Firirinda Hitmaker’s Family

A section of leaders from the Mount Kenya region who paid a visit to the family of Dickson Munyonyi the veteran Benga musician known for his song Firirinda, elicited backlash from Kenyans who questioned their motives.

Nominated Member of Parliament Sabina Chege, accompanied by Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang’wa, and Gatundu South MP Gabriel Kagombe, paid a visit to the family on Friday following the musician’s death this past week.

Thang’wa, in a post on his social platforms, hailed the musician for his passion and timeless music that will transcend generations in the future.

“Dick was a true testimony that what is meant for you will be yours, regardless of the place, time, or age. Rest well, Baba. Firirinda your way to heaven,” he stated.

A photo of Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang’wa (center), Gatundu South MP GG Kagombe (left) and philanthropist Karangu Muraya in Gatundu, Kiambu on January 12, 2024.


Karungo Thang’wa

The visit, however, drew negative reactions from Kenyans online who wondered why the politicians did not help the struggling musician when he was alive.

“You never helped him when he needed your help most when he would have talked to you and said thank you. Now you are at his house, to mock the family that you are consoling with them but deep down in your hearts, you politicians, we know you are there for a show. You never visit anyone on his or her hospital bed but during the funeral, you fight for the microphone. In helicopters, you fly to fool the bereaved. Shame on you politicians,” one user charged.

“How we wish you were there when all he needed was Ksh100,000 to secure a bed at Kenyatta Hospital,” another user commented.

“These are the characters who praise you after you have passed away but did not take time to do it when you were alive,” an online user added.

On the other hand, some users lauded the Mt Kenya leaders for uniting for a common purpose, noting that the region ought to be united ahead of the next general election.

The Firirinda hitmaker died this past Saturday while receiving treatment at a local hospital in Kiambu County. The musician had been diagnosed with cancer.

The musician had sent appeals to Kenyans online for financial support to offset his medical bills.

Throughout his three-decade career in music, Firirinda was his most popular song, which came to the limelight recently despite been released in the 1990s.

Popular ‘Firirinda’ hitmaker Dick Munyonyi.


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