Sports Journalist Tony Kwalanda Joins TV47

TV 47 has been relentless in its push to tap into the wide array of talent in the media industry as it seeks to compete with established players.

The latest big name in TV47’s acquisition spree is popular sports journalist Tony Kwalanda who the media house is banking on to attract eyeballs to push up its numbers.

In a video package shared by the Capemedia-owned station, the journalist showcased his talent in various sports including football, basketball, swimming, and golf among others.

The journalist concluded the 30-second video clip by clearing any doubts about his future: “I am Tony Kwalanda, and this is TV 47.”

“Brace yourself for top-class sports entertainment from the man himself.”

A photo of sports anchor Tony Kwalanda posing for a photo inside Look Up TV studios in June 2023.


Tony Kwalanda

Kwalanda has over a decade of experience in the media industry, having previously worked for K24, Switch TV, and Look Up TV.

His rise to fame came at Mediamax’s K24, where he hosted a sports commentary show, Sports Hub which aired every Saturday.

He worked at K24 for 11 years before he was affected by the mass retrenchment that saw hundreds of employees declared redundant.

He later joined Switch TV and hosted Sports Centre, which aired on Mondays before 9:00 pm. The show featured sports pundits and guests discussing the latest sports news.

In May 2023, he joined Look Up TV and hosted Sports 360.

In 2022, Kwalanda decided to venture into politics and vied for the Manda Shivanga Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat in the 2022 General Election. 

He, however, lost to David Kivishi of the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party.

Kwalanda becomes the latest addition to TV 47, following the recruitment of top talent in the past months that has seen the Prof. Simon Gicharu-owned media house recruit Citizen TV’s Jared Ouma and Willis Raburu. 

A photo of sports journalist Tony Kwalanda (centre) with colleagues Shiksha Arora and a former K24 colleague in 2018.


Tony Kwalanda

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