KEBS Raises Red Flag Over Impostors Raiding Supermarkets and Shops

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) on Monday, January 15, revealed that there were increasing incidents of fraudsters raiding supermarkets in Kenya. 

In a public notice, KEBS remarked that the individuals purported to be inspectors of the government entity to extort supermarkets, shops, and hardware owners. 

As a cover to steal from unsuspecting entrepreneurs, the fraudsters introduce themselves as KEBS inspectors dispatched to conduct standardisation and conformity assessments. 

“However, when confronted, they often alter their claim, suggesting they are part of a ‘multi-agency’ team,” the notice read in part. 

KEBS acting Managing Director Esther Ngari speaking during an event on March 21, 2023, in Nairobi County.



Traders and other members of the public were advised to proceed with caution when dealing with individuals introducing themselves as KEBS inspectors. 

Additionally, before giving any vital information to the inspectors, KEBS advised businessmen to conduct an authentication process. 

“Always ask for the Staff card and National ID, and send an SMS with the format HR#Staff Number to 20023 i.e (HR#0000). You will receive a confirmation message with details including the KEBS HR No, staff’s name, position, ID number, and status,” Kenyans were enlightened about the authentication process. 

If the confirmation was not satisfactory, traders were urged to report the suspicious individuals. 

Noteworthy, KEBS will only respond to reports of suspicious individuals or activities if made during working hours. 

The impostors can be reported through Toll-Free Line: 1545, Phone: 0206948000 or Email: [email protected]

KEBS routinely conducts raids on different business premises to ensure that the goods being sold are of the prescribed quality. 

Additionally, KEBS places a standardisation mark on various goods which is a mandatory product certification scheme for all products sold within Kenyan territory.

Photo collage of different marks of quality approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.



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