Ksh 140K Blender Crushing Maize Into Flour Elicits Debate

A blender crushing maize into fine flour has elicited debate online with a section of Kenyans remarking it poses a threat and chances are, the gadget will end up replacing posho mills.

The debate started after a video seen by Kenyans.co.ke showing a Kenyan putting the gadget to use went viral where the user could be seen crushing maize in just a few minutes. 

A spot check by Kenyans.co.ke established that a blender of such capacity costs Ksh140,000 inclusive of shipping fees and taxes. 

In the local market, there are generic versions of the product which cost as little as Ksh12,000.

A photo collage of the kitchen posho mill called Newtry grain grinder that grinds maize to unga within 30 seconds.


Edward Mwasi

Ordering the original blender online will cost you Ksh102,000 (USD649) plus an additional delivery fee of Ksh11,000 (75USD). 

With custom fees, the total amount shoots up to ksh142,000 (USD900). In juxtaposition, the price of a grade 2 posho mill in Kenya is Ksh80,000 while grade 1 costs between Ksh120,000 and Ksh140,000. 

Commenting on the viral video, one Kenyan, Nyandia Gachago, advised Kenyans against investing in the Ksh140,000 blender remarking its likely to malfunction quickly. 

She explained that the expensive one could do heavy-duty work including crushing maize and ice. 

“This is good for making maize unsifted flour. You only make what you need for the day,” another Kenyan commented. 

There were also concerns that the invention was not only going to affect posho mill owners but also industries that process maize. 

This was on the basis that people living in urban areas are very likely to be enticed to buy the item largely because of being wary of standardisation procedures overseen by the government on packaged maize flour. 

While many Kenyans were excited by the blender, an X user going by the name Delulu remarked that the hype surrounding the product would subside soon, stressing that there is a reason why inventions in the posho mill industry have been rare.

“I live next to a posho mill and it costs me Ksh170 to sift 25 kilograms of maize which will last for 3 months,” he explained. 

With the ever-rising cost of electricity and the exorbitant price of the blender, posho mill owners may not need to worry just yet.

A photo of a traditional posho mill being in use in January 2020.


Edward Mwasi

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