Naivasha SEZ: List of Ksh 30B Companies That Created 3,000 Jobs

President William Ruto has taken his pledge of creating jobs a notch higher by approving the establishment of seven companies at the recently launched Naivasha Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

On Saturday, the Head of State flanked by his Trade Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano launched a new power station at the Naivasha Special Economic Zone to facilitate the establishment of the companies and their smooth operations.

The first seven have already started setting up shop, therefore creating 3,000 jobs while the Ministry estimates that a total of 100,000 jobs will be created after the official rollout of the SEZ project.

“This special economic zone is very well located right here in Naivasha. Very close to infrastructure; both the roads and the railway. It is also very near to green energy,” stated Miano.

President William Ruto launching the Naivasha Special Economic Zone Sub Station on January 13, 2024.


“We are excited that today, seven companies have been given certificates. They are already setting up here and what we call our first born the Jumbo AAA who will be doing auctions from vehicles. They will bring their businesses from Japan.”

Jumbo AAA Holding SEZ Limited occupies a land mass of 10 acres and has already employed 10 individuals. Its value stands at Ksh237 million.

Jafro SEZ Limited, valued at Ksh133 million with a capacity to create 54 jobs, occupies an acre of land and specialises in the management of cold storage facilities and extraction of essence from flowers to manufacture perfumes.

Accurate Street Mill Limited, which manufactures a range of steel products, is projected to create 265 jobs and sits on a 10-acre stretch. It is valued at Ksh1.8 billion.

Ceylon Energy Africa, on the other hand, is being created to manufacture structural steel works-related items for low to high-voltage overhead line fittings and transmission lines. The Ksh1 billion company will absorb 374 workers and occupies 5 acres.

Africa Global Logistics (AGL), a warehousing and inventory management services company, is prepared to hire 1,526 people on a 15-acre stretch and is valued at Ksh3.3 billion.

TAD Motor will specialise in providing an array of warehousing and logistics solutions and will employ 267 individuals. It is valued at Ksh1.6 billion.

Lastly, Horizon Glass, occupying a 10-acre parcel and valued at Ksh19.6 billion, will produce container glass bottles for beverages, food, and pharmaceutical industries. It will employ 180 individuals.

“Ruto issued enterprise licenses to 6 companies and investors, both local and foreign,” the Ministry of Trade indicated.

“With significant infrastructure in place and a variety of investors showing keen interest, the SEZ is set to become a pivotal hub for commerce and industry in East Africa.”

A photo of the Trade, Investments and Industry Cabinet Secretary Rebeccah Miano


Rebeccah Miano

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